Our school is known for the amazing number of volunteers.  As a volunteer, you can enhance the greatness of our school in many ways.  We have a variety of different options available - there is something for everyone!

Our volunteer coordinators this year is Jennifer Schwab.  Please contact her at jenschwab7@gmail.com with any questions.  

Our room parent coordinator this year is Mandy Garzolini .  Please contact her at mandygarzolini@hotmail.com with any questions. 

Please fill out the following form to let us know how YOU can make our school better through volunteering!

All of our volunteers are required to have completed Safe and Sacred training.  This training takes the place of Virtus Training.  ALL volunteers must complete this training before helping at the school.  If you completed Safe and Sacred Training last school year, you do not need to repeat the training. Please visit our Safe and Sacred Training Page for more information.   

Volunteer Opportunities:
Recess Duty (A.M. and P.M) - Like the outdoors?  Enjoy playing with kids?  Recess Duty is for you!  Recess duty is a short period of time that involves helping supervise children on the playground (or inside during inclement weather).  This is a wonderful option for parents with younger children - you can bring them with you!  Kids love to see their parents helping out at recess.  

Cafeteria Duty - Want to help out during the busiest time of day?  Cafeteria Duty is for you!  Whether it is helping open up those pesky milk cartons, or serving up the delicious food, kids love it when their parents are there with them during lunch! 

Room Parent - Want to be the right-hand man for a teacher?  Room Parent is for you! As room parent, you are an extension of Parent Club for your child's class.  You keep the class parents up to date about upcoming events and happenings in the school.  Your excitement is contagious!  You will help to organize class parties, help create the awesome classroom baskets for the Family Festival, and help with the amazing St. Patrick Day Parade floats!  

Fundraisers - Like to organize and raise money?  Fundraising is for you!  You will help the fundraising coordinator for each event in the various duties of the event.  This may be sorting materials, collecting forms, passing out prizes, etc.  These activities are focused to helping out for a few days or a week, so if you can't help out all year, this is the job for you!

Events - NEW THIS YEAR!  We are trying something out new this year - more family-friendly events such as a Talent Show, Family Movie Night, and maybe even a Daddy/Daughter-Mother/Son Dance!  Love carnivals, cake walks, and raffles?  Enthusiastic organizer?  Have some creative ideas about an event that YOUR family would like to attend?  The Events committee is for you!  We need all kinds of volunteers for this committee, from baking cupcakes to helping come up with ideas.

Hospitality - Are you a cheerful person?  Enjoy making cookies and treats to say "Thanks!"  Hospitality is for you!  We need you to help make our school welcoming to everyone.  Help in this area involves making baked goods, serving food at special events, picking up supplies, and helping with food.  Our various events include the Boo Hoo Breakfast in August, Trunk or Treat in October, Catholic Schools Week in January, and various Teacher Appreciation days throughout the year.  

Additional School Help - Love to collate?  Is sorting and stapling up your alley?  Then we have some jobs for you!  This includes a variety of different work around the school, including helping in the office with computer work, using multimedia to publicize events, writing and researching grants, and helping with school improvement.